Aims And Objectives Of CollegeĀ 

1.Effective implementation of the programme with maximum utilization of physical and human resources.

2.Involvement of students, staff and community in the development of the polytechnic for the service to the society.



The fast changing technologies and the challenges posted by globalization necessitate technician manpower with professional excellence. The future industries require competent, confident and committed technicians who are more knowledge based, possessing more practical skills.

To meet the changed needs of the industries and to produce quality technicians, our institute has adopted excellent educational programmes. Some of them are

  1. To contribute for the balanced developed of engineering, vocational and management education as well as the education of technicians.
  2. To enhancing the communication skills of the students, our institution has been established with skill development centre.
  3. To offer continuing educational programmes to update the competencies and capabilities of working technicians.
  4. To improve employment potential and to promote entrepreneurship among students, to benefits of the industries and educational around.
  5. Contributions to the overall development of techno-socio-economic requirements of the students.